Tips to Maintain Body Health To Avoid From Disease

Research from Statistic Brain finds the fact that being healthy is one of the 5 most popular new year resolutions created every year. But the reality is not everyone managed to realize the resolution. There is always a temptation to thwart this resolution. In fact, the researchers found the fact that many people stop the move to realize the resosuli in the first week after the arrival of a strong determination. Health is expensive. However, there is a cheap and easy way to maintain this health. Here are 9 simple things you can apply to maintain your health.

Brush your teeth properly

Tripti Meysman, founder of Citytooth, a dental practice based in Minneapolis, USA, says that a healthy mouth also affects lung health. "If there is bacteria in the mouth, the bacteria will be inhaled into your respiratory system," he said. This is what increases inflammation in the lungs and trachea, and increases the likelihood of contracting respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Clean the mouth of bacteria to avoid gum disease. go to the dentist at least once a year. Toothbrush diligently and use dental floss to clean it. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. This method is able to remove plaque and other impurities that attach to the teeth.

Exercise to avoid back pain

Weight training is not recommended for those who have pain in the back. However, William Morrison, an orthopedic surgeon at South Regional Medical Center in Mississippi, said that not exercising regularly also causes back pain. "Usually, people are told to sleep and rest as much as possible if their backs hurt, but now we know that it can make things worse," he said. Exercise strengthens the core muscles, reduces the pressure from the lower back, also builds back muscles so that it can support the spine better. You can also see a doctor to ask for recommendations. However, most doctors will suggest the same thing. "To be honest, if I can get people to the gym more often, I'll have fewer patients," says Dr. Morrison.

Train yourself to defecate on a regular basis

Defecation is routinely important to regulate bowel function, in addition to helping to overcome constipation. Maybe you think training yourself to urinate on a regular basis seems like teaching a cat. But Satish Rao, director of The Digestive Health Center of Augusta University, said this should be done especially after waking up. "The colon should be lured to empty himself when you first wake up, but you can also do this about an hour after breakfast," he said. Dr. Rao suggested a trick called visualization to smooth this digestion. The trick, just imagine that you have a feeling of relief that all the 'dirt' has been wasted every morning. This will make the sphincter muscles relax. This spinchter muscle is a ring of muscles that surrounds and serves to keep or cover the anus. By constantly visualizing the situation, you can make the brain trigger a signal that something should be 'dumped' now. Then you can go to the tolilet when you feel the urge.

Read more books to lower blood pressure

"When reading a book, you have more cognitive involvement and the effect will continue to flow," explains Becca Levy, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health. Through reading a book, a person tends to be able to relieve stress and reduce the amount of stress hormone cortisol. The decrease of cortisol also lowers blood pressure. You can try reading all kinds of books. However, it should be noted that reading magazines and newspapers will not have this effect because people tend to read it in a short time. "Reading books of fiction or non-fiction are printed and via the Internet will make your brain more relaxed and effective," said Levy.

Let yourself get bored to regain energy

Solid work routine is often makes us feel bored. But, Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina in the US, said that boredom is only a temporary moment that can help reduce stress. With this boredom, we can try to rest while in the middle of dense day and refresh our energy. Boredom is often a sign that we are not multitasking people. Multitasking is associated with increased cortisol and adrenaline which can stimulate excessive brain activity. "Usually, we always beat this boredom by all means, but if we try to reconcile with the boredom and see it as a positive thing, it will give us a chance to rest," said Barbara Fredrickson.

Expand the consumption of amino acids or minerals

According to Filomena Trindade of the Institute for Functional Medicine, drinking water is important. However, not everyone can hydrate the water properly. Sometimes, water passes through the system without entering the cell. "If you always urinate within 30 minutes after drinking, you may not get the benefits of that water," he said. "Add some amino acids or mineral intake to increase your hydration, try a pinch of magnesium or Himalayan sea salt," Dr. Filomena Trindade said. This is very important for those of you who are active in exercising, are in recuperation, or spend most of the time in the office with the dry air. This can improve your hydration ability.

Use socks to sleep faster

Daniel Amen a specialist brain disorder said that wearing socks before going to bed would solve the problem of insomnia. "A pair of thin gloves can also help.Researchers have found that warm hands and feet are the best way to sleep fast," he added. According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming of the feet or hands causes the dilation of blood vessels that can signal to the brain that it is time to sleep. As soon as blood vessels open in your hands and feet, the redistribution of heat throughout your body will be prepared for sleep. "If you feel hot while wearing socks, try to remove them without opening your eyes," advises Dr. Amen. Dr. Amen also said that often see the clock when sleeping time makes us feel anxious that finally makes us not able to sleep soundly.

When feeling stressed, put two hands on the heart

Laying your hands like a pledge of allegiance turns out to reduce stress. Kristin Neff, associate professor of human development and cultural association from the University of Texas, said that this strange way turns out to calm down. "This will signal the brain to reduce anxiety," he said. In fact, according to Krsitin Neff, when we do not believe in this way the body will still respond. This particular movement is programmed to calm down. "Put your hands there in a few minutes, or until you feel more calm and take a deep breath to increase the effect," said Kristin Neff.

Sunbathing under the sun within 10-20 minutes without sunscreen

Sunscreen is useful to reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, there comes a time when we should be under the sun without this one product. "You'll get stronger bones, lower blood pressure, and even more restful sleep if you get sun exposure," says Michael Holick, director of the Boston University Medical Center Heliotherapy, Light and Skin Research Center. "There is a beneficial biological process that occurs with sunlight that you would not get by taking vitamin D supplements," he added. Michael Holick also suggests that we should get sunlight on the shoulders, arms, or legs and not your back or face. The back and faces that are often exposed to sun exposure are particularly vulnerable to cancer, wrinkle, and other skin disease risks. So, do not be afraid to exposed to sunlight in the morning or evening. After that, you can reuse your sunscreen.
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